Michelin Pan Chi GPGP Golden Port Grand Prix

“Michelin Pan Chi GPGP Golden Grand Prix” is Michelin’s first sponsorship of the local large-scale comprehensive events. “We are delighted to find that the car is growing fast here, the excellent racing driver is emerging and the track is perfect,” said Patrick Dias, director of the Michelin Asia Pacific tournament event. “We are confident that China is confident Fans have the passion to pass through this platform, we have the opportunity to bring years of accumulated experience to China ‘s domestic racing, and its common growth.
“With the continuous development of racing in China, Michelin will continue to sponsor more event activities for more high-level events in China to provide excellent tires and expand the influence of Michelin in the future, we will be super sports car , GT or RV as the primary direction of development, followed by rally car or cross-country direction. “Mr. Di Yue Chi said:” In addition to helping China’s events more and more, we will be more Of the Chinese drivers to provide room for improvement, such as sponsoring them to participate in more international events, to help Chinese drivers faster progress.In 2014, Michelin has actually sponsored a team composed of all Chinese drivers to participate in the Le Mans 24 hours of endurance race, and in the group won the fourth good result.This is what we have been trying to things.

Rich car feast

As one of the most important equipment suppliers for racing sports: tire supplier Michelin, held on April 2, “2017 Michelin Panchi GPGP Golden Grand Prix”. As one of the most caring, ornamental and popular car events in China in 2017, the “2017 Michelin GPGP Golden Grand Prix” attracted the attention and participation of many Chinese car enthusiasts.
At the opening ceremony, professional racers and racing enthusiasts from the country gathered together to detonate the track with passion and speed. “Michelin Pan Chi GPGP Golden Port Grand Prix” a total of 4 points, the competition for the first stop, a period of 3 days, divided into GP GrandPrix Grand Prix, GP Time Attack time trial and GP Sprint sprint. In the group settings, compared to other events, “Michelin Pan Chi GPGP Golden Port Grand Prix” innovative sweep of all the current mainstream car form, a total of seven categories of 19 groups, including the motorcycle, car, sports car, RV, GT Racing, drift and steel guns.
As the exclusive tire supplier of this competition, Michelin will provide its star, including Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and Michelin Pilot Super Sport, including a total of 20 models of different models, to meet the needs of the car at the same time, But also for the game to add more exciting! By then, Aston Martin Vantage GT4, Porsche 991 GT3, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Lamborghini Huracan and other super sports car will also be full debut, so fans friends to enjoy a sumptuous car feast.

Geely Bo Yue version 3.0 intelligent voice system

Geely Bo Ge is the first intelligent interconnection of fine SUV, with “good-looking, good, good intelligence,” the three major advantages of the auto market to become red models, the current monthly sales break 20,000, the first anniversary of the market sales of 160,000, Become a smart interconnected SUV leader. Borui, Bo Yue represents the highest level of China’s auto brand manufacturing, leading the Chinese car brand upward development.
Geely Bo released the 3.0 version of the intelligent voice system, in the wake-up password, navigation, telephone, music and other aspects of the technical iterative upgrade. 3.0 version of the intelligent voice system is not only human-computer interaction, but also a set of chat, literature, arithmetic and other functions in a smart coffee, the user experience more intelligent, more user-friendly operation, once again lead the automotive intelligent Internet technology development trend fit e34 spring/shock.
Many people still do not understand the Bo Yue 3.0 version of the voice system can only be strong, in the Bo Yue “good-looking, good open, good intelligence” three labels, “good intelligence” is the most eye-catching one. Based on the powerful intelligence, Bo Yue is also known as a “will be intelligent brakes SUV”, “will talk SUV”, “will breathe SUV”. Data show that Geely Bo fit bmw 540i shocks struts intelligent interchange car sales accounted for 90.2% of total sales, intelligent security configuration models accounted for 45.7%, enough to prove that Bo in the intelligent Internet SUV market leader position.
Bo Yue one year old, Bo Yue fit bmw 530i lowering kit in this year, won numerous Bo powder favorite, but also fans are dubbed the “little more”, 3.0 version of “Hello, Bo Yue” into “you Good, XX “, can be your favorite people love that can be your friend’s name, but also you are the name of the leadership, you usually dare not say, tell the witty” little more “.

Subaru forest , XV special edition round you racing dream

The scene of the XV heroic performance in the game so that everyone is excited, then do not drool. On Saturday, Subaru latest listing of the forest people 2.5i luxury special edition and SUBARU XV 2.0i special edition officially released in Chengdu, XV only 20.98 million will be able to round you a car dream. I believe many fans friends on the release of the two new cars are in doubt: What is the special version? In general, the special version of the configuration in terms of some adjustments. First said that the XV special edition, the new car interior red elements, the introduction of hot red elements after the car to enhance the atmosphere, and XV movement fit bmw e34 lowering kit is very well matched.
At the same time, also with the smart key system, with a key ignition start, cruise control system and other advanced configuration, fully demonstrated fashion and personalized at the same time both cost-effective and high sports performance, fully feel this Car movement color and young qualities.
SUBARU XV with Subaru unique level of the engine and pure symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system combined with the unique core technology, with other urban SUV models more dynamic, safe and reliable driving experience. And maintain high SUV models through the same time, but also have the ability to match the European and American passenger car steering feedback and ride comfort. You can enjoy driving pleasure.
The forest people 2.5i luxury special edition models in the high-security, high-performance base models, upgrade a lot of configuration, as Subaru’s most popular models fit bmw e34 strut replacement, the forest people’s competitiveness has been further improved. First, the appearance of the addition of silver roof luggage rack, comes with cross-country atmosphere. Interior in the seats and doors, center console and other details at the use of calm and highly quality texture of the brown leather material, texture straight up.
Using a high-level brown interior design to enhance the design texture, plus a smart key system, but also with a key to start the ignition, intelligent electric door and other user-friendly configuration, practical convenience. The delicate and comprehensive balance of the foresters satisfies most consumers’ potential demand for SUV fit bmw e34 shocks struts, with the exception of the critically acclaimed off-road performance, the 2640mm wheelbase and 1810mm width provide ample internal space for the passenger’s head and Leg space is released. Forest people and XV, in the holiday is to conquer the wilderness of the brave, on the road and the embodiment of a polite gentleman, I believe there is always your favorite.

New Mustang Interior

Ford’s new Mustang was officially unveiled at the 2017 Chicago Motor Show. On April 8, the car will be the first to start in China.
In the design, the new Mustang compared to the cash models were more adjusted, the front face with a new LED headlamps and front bumper design, the engine hatch on the raised tendons and the heat sink so that the new car looks More fighting color. From the rear point of view, the new car tail also made some adjustments, taillight shape is very compelling, exhaust with a new four-sided layout of the two sides. At the same time, consumers can also choose according to their own needs a fixed after the spoiler, with the visual effects more shocking.
Interior, the new Mustang basically follow the cash models of the interior design style, the main change is that consumers can choose a 12-inch LCD panel, so that the car looks more sense of science and technology.
Power, the new Mustang GT models will be equipped with a new 5.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine, and an increase of direct injection system, the maximum power of 470 horsepower, the peak torque of 617 cattle meters; compared to cash GT models, the maximum power increase The 48 hp, the peak torque increased by 87 Nm. The new Mustang model will be equipped with 2.3T EcoBoost engine, the engine is also expected to be re-adjusted, the peak torque or will be improved. Transmission, the new car will match Ford’s latest 10-speed automatic transmission, while 6-speed manual gearbox is still available to consumers.

Kodiak Coupe prototype

Recently, Skoda told the new concept car, foreign media reported that the concept car will be named Vision E, which will represent the design of Kodiak Coupe, is expected to officially debut at the Shanghai auto show.
From the notice chart, this concept car headlamps shape is very sharp, but more importantly, we can see this car with a back-style roof design, in line with a “Coupe SUV” the some Look, its future competitors will also be locked in the Honda crown / UR-V and other models.
According to previous reports, the car will be officially launched in 2020 before the Chinese market. In addition to this car, the on the Kodak Kodak will also launch MODEL K, MODEL Q, respectively, positioning small SUV, compact SUV, greatly improved on the Shanghai Kodak Kodak in the Chinese market SUV matrix. Among them, MODEL Q is likely to be a new generation of Yeti, and MODEL K or for a cash based on Yeti platform to build a new small SUV.

Great Wall creates a unique personality built-in

Originally looking forward to the owner of the car will have more changes to the interior, after all, the general people who play this car most of the interior has a very high pursuit, but because the current car is only the owner of the daily commute car, so within Decorated in fact slightly messy, and even can be used to describe half of the storage room. Cool Bear’s interior did not look like the appearance of Scion XB, Fortunately, when the Great Wall or for its creation of a unique personality built-in, such as independent instruments and the state of some strange dashboard and so on. Here, encountered a trace of embarrassment, that is, when we want to see the installation of air pump s13 180sx coilovers and tracheal shape, the trunk lock suddenly strike, how can not open, but only “across the door.”
For a look to play in the end of the car, the natural owners of the power will be no big demand, the original 1.5L engine with CVT gearbox, whether it is output data or transmission effects silvia S13 coilovers can be said and performance is not on the side, but Mr. Tian in order to be able to create some driving passion, or replace the ASPEC exhaust tail section.
In the home instrument design in the moment should also be considered a more personalized one of the interior design it Ultra-low body height from Taiwan AIR FORCE Deluxe Edition Pneumatic shock 350Z Adjustable Coilovers, but unfortunately only the day of the car’s trunk lock suddenly strike, so that we can not see the redesigned trunk structure.

Mitsubishi Lancer change meaning

“Mitsubishi Lancer”, although the Japanese maternal plant has been sadly terminated the latest generation of development plans. But as a general agent in Taiwan, China’s four-door car car backbone of the main force, how can we let the Lancer into the history of the final. In the nine base of the existing platform, while the Japanese maternal factory, the European design studio multi-party Austrian aid, the Chinese car will also be recently renamed the “Grand Lancer” follow-up derivative models.
For already the Taiwan market for more than 25 years of Lancer cars, this renamed the war is to create sales success? Perhaps the exposure of the Grand Lancer pre-linked unit price and specifications, it seems a little bit of a slight time to bring some of the dawn of Mitsubishi. The Grand Lancer is divided into elegant, classic, luxury, fashion and flagship total of five models ignition coils for sale, pre-installed unit price will come to 679,000, 71.9 million, 749,000, 769,000 and 81.9 million Taiwan dollars. And equipped with, also indirectly linked to lift the “Lancer” this long green car merchandise competitiveness.
On the appearance of the body alone, follow the small section of Outlander footsteps, the Grand Lancer is still a large number of inherited new generation design vocabulary. The front is still visible new dynamic Shield family characteristics, through a large area of chrome fabric and distinctive texture of the muscles fit nissan 1.5 turbocharger to create a more in line with the taste of young people picky. And the rear of the C-shaped tail light group and after the next spoiler design, although the overall style and not too much breakthrough in the transformation, but the micro-makeup several times, but also to the classic “MIT elements”, more The evolution of the new change. As for the interior, you can see the new style of leather three-style steering wheel, SMART 10.2-inch intelligent digital instrument panel 200SX coilovers, thermostat air conditioning, stylized console layout and embedded with the development of 8-inch touch-sensitive multimedia system (For optional) and other high-tech accessories, with the silver is located in the car, piano paint black decorative version, add different from the current car interior texture atmosphere.

The new 911 GT3 officially debut

At the opening of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the new Porsche 911 GT3 officially unveiled, the biggest highlight of the new car is powered by a 4.0L level on the six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.
Appearance, the new Porsche 911 GT3 based on the new 911 series models improved, the new car front face dress up a larger intake grille, the style is more ferocious. Tail, the new car is equipped with a large size after the spoiler, exhaust with a total of two out of the layout, the overall shape looks more three-dimensional.
Power, the new car equipped with a 4.0L level of six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, but it is learned that this engine is not transplanted from the cash GT3 RS and 911 R models, but after a re-adjustment, the maximum power is expected to more than 500 horsepower Cash GT3 maximum power of 476 hp); transmission, the new car in addition to the introduction of 7-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox models, will also be added with 6-speed manual gearbox models.

2017 Futian Tuo Lu listed

Recently, Beiqi Futian announced 2017 Extension who officially listed sales, the launch of a total of 2.8T diesel engine equipped with a total of 5 models, providing two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive optional.
The new models in the design of the basic no major changes, the new car front face with a lot of chrome decoration, both sides of the headlamps connected with the grille inside the L-shaped decoration to create a strong sense of hierarchy. In the configuration, the car will be equipped with ESP, steep slope slow down, tire pressure monitoring, cruise control and other configurations, but also equipped with 265/70 R16 tires.
The biggest highlight of the five models listed is to meet the national V emission standards, the new car is equipped with Cummins ISF 2.8T diesel engine, this engine maximum power of 177 horsepower (130kW), the peak torque of 365 cattle meters.