The new 911 GT3 officially debut

At the opening of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the new Porsche 911 GT3 officially unveiled, the biggest highlight of the new car is powered by a 4.0L level on the six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine.
Appearance, the new Porsche 911 GT3 based on the new 911 series models improved, the new car front face dress up a larger intake grille, the style is more ferocious. Tail, the new car is equipped with a large size after the spoiler, exhaust with a total of two out of the layout, the overall shape looks more three-dimensional.
Power, the new car equipped with a 4.0L level of six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, but it is learned that this engine is not transplanted from the cash GT3 RS and 911 R models, but after a re-adjustment, the maximum power is expected to more than 500 horsepower Cash GT3 maximum power of 476 hp); transmission, the new car in addition to the introduction of 7-speed PDK dual-clutch gearbox models, will also be added with 6-speed manual gearbox models.

2017 Futian Tuo Lu listed

Recently, Beiqi Futian announced 2017 Extension who officially listed sales, the launch of a total of 2.8T diesel engine equipped with a total of 5 models, providing two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive optional.
The new models in the design of the basic no major changes, the new car front face with a lot of chrome decoration, both sides of the headlamps connected with the grille inside the L-shaped decoration to create a strong sense of hierarchy. In the configuration, the car will be equipped with ESP, steep slope slow down, tire pressure monitoring, cruise control and other configurations, but also equipped with 265/70 R16 tires.
The biggest highlight of the five models listed is to meet the national V emission standards, the new car is equipped with Cummins ISF 2.8T diesel engine, this engine maximum power of 177 horsepower (130kW), the peak torque of 365 cattle meters.

Buick GL8 advantage,disadvantage is very obvious

To talk about the domestic MPV market, the undisputed top spot, naturally to Buick GL8, and since 1999 formally entered the Chinese market so far, the top of the list of sales will always have its presence, and it is almost The first choice for domestic business reception. Why Buick GL8 so can get the favor of consumers? Is this popular Buick GL8 flawless? We look at the car evaluation of the car can know a little two.
Appearance classic atmosphere. GL8 ordinary business models fit audi s6 air suspension bag can be said that the appearance has not changed much, family-style front face, classic appearance, has been so inherited down, people see that this is GL8, recognition is very high It is not the pursuit of fashion, not the pursuit of dynamic, pay attention to is mature and stable, the appearance of the classic atmosphere, however, very engaging, I like this middle-aged people bmw 5 series rear suspension air bag
In the interior, I GL8 materials and workmanship is not satisfied with the lack of grade interior materials, and the configuration is also very simple, as a 20 million yuan car this interior and configuration really dare not Compliment. There is no reversal image does not say, even a few hundred dollars of the parking lot are reluctant to match, this factory is not too stingy, and really want to reflect on the good. If you use 20 million to buy a small sedan or SUV fit bmw e61 rear suspension air bag, the configuration can be said that than GL8 I do not know how many grades to improve! This is really disappointed with the GL8 general business car.

BYD M6 exterior interiors

Appearance, beautiful, very like the front of the bullet head, headlamp domineering, small light delicate, the net change significantly better than the old models look good, slender body from the side to watch is beautiful, purple color and glass is very organic collection As one. BYD M6 uses a reference design ideas, and some imported MPV models are quite similar. Stylish chrome intake grille, and slender headlamps integrated as one, visually consistent. The shape of the front face rounded, windshield and the engine cover, basically in the same plane, the overall feeling is very smooth. The area of the front triangular window is larger and the light is more transparent. Side of the design simple, tail with a dynamic small tail, the overall feeling of coordination.
Interior, the work is very delicate fit mercedes m class suspension air bag, but the dashboard of the hard plastic out of grade, and a little reflective. Although it is imitated out of the design, but BYD M6 also into their own understanding. Using the traditional instrument, blue background, reflecting the sense of science and technology. Above the center console is the display of information, the control area to use metal decorative plate, with a certain sense of fashion. The overall style is relatively simple, if it is on the market today, it seems that some can not keep up with the times. fit air bag suspension audi a6
Space, the space did not say that the three rows of seats do not feel much difference, 223 layout, adjust the average seat of each row can sit down about 175 cm adult adults, and the third row of seat back can also be back adjust. Height of 175cm small series into the front row, the head space punch. The second row of the seat head space with the first row of the same, with a punch, and the second row of seats to the final position, to get more than three punches of the leg space fit audi a6 avant air suspension bag. It is worth mentioning that, if used as a carrier alone, the second row of seats can be transferred to almost the front position, then although can not ride, but can get the maximum load space. Under normal circumstances, the second row and the third row of seats can simultaneously take the standard height of adults, and can get a more comfortable ride experience.

The history of the rearview mirror for centuries

Rearview mirror in the game was playing the wind and water, but in the stadium but still people were placed in the “cold palace”, there is no out of the favorite some of the meaning. Until 1921, an inventor named Elmer Berger won the rearview mirror patent, and in their own company mass production, rearview mirror is considered a formal birth. The original rearview mirror is only installed on the side of the driver, and the material is usually made of circular plane mirror, but only one “ear” can not meet the needs of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and can not meet people’s needs of symmetrical aesthetics, Both sides are installed rearview mirror “standard” will come into being at the same time quickly get people sought after! The The
In this way, the rearview mirror to follow the car through nearly a hundred years of history, behind the story, do not have to say that we must also understand the difference is not too much, the application of curved mirror, aerodynamics to join, after heating The introduction of the mirror, and now the concept of electronic mirrors, had a mirror, actually accompanied the car through the history of nearly a hundred years, and sometimes women’s delicate and sensitive indeed let waye had to admire and shock. Speaking of which, Road Ye suddenly found
Sometimes women are the promoters of certain things, a lot of inventions, if not invented by women, but also for women and invented, it is because of this, the wisdom of men was better to play, have more use The place of power!

Strange car back mirror

So she mentioned in 1906 the “Women and Cars” manual that you can use a mirror to observe the side of the vehicle and the rear of the idea. But in that era, we know that the car is not much, the speed is not fast, Dorothy Levy’s idea and did not get everyone’s approval, but was felt a little more than once!
Passengers on the car, but in the car, Dorothy Levy’s idea seems to find some useless. Early racing, usually with the car “standard” two assistants, to help the driver to observe the situation around the car to protect the safety of the game.
But the American racer Rui Haroon inspired by Dorothy Levy’s idea, installed in the car side of the mirror made of a simple rearview mirror device, abandoned two assistants to reduce the weight at the same time, Also increased the speed of the car, won the championship in one fell swoop. Then people will follow suit, the game also appeared in a variety of strange rearview mirror.

Volkswagen Arteon notice released

Recently, the public issued a group of CC successor – Volkswagen Arteon notice, the new car will be opened on March 7, the Geneva Motor Show debut. We see that the public Arteon is different from the other models of the front face style, horizontal bar grille and LED light source connected to the light group, the visual effect makes the front face more stretch, while the new car will also be equipped with There are all LED headlamps.
Tail shape, the new car with a very smooth line outline, after the fender highlights the waist line with tail tailing duckling tail, gives a feeling very dynamic fit Benz Turbocharger. In addition, the new rear taillights using a new LED light source, it seems a bit more science fiction effect. In addition, with Arteon debut, but also includes its many leading technology configuration, such as the latest generation of driving support system.
Power, after the foreign media test drive Arteon prototype is equipped with a 2.0TSI engine. It is reported that the public ARTEON will offer two kinds of power options for different markets, the first to provide the European market models Ignition Coil Pack maximum power of 190 horsepower; to provide the US market models maximum power of 272 horsepower. In terms of transmission, the new car will match the 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox.
As the most popular public successor, Volkswagen Arteon will be the world’s first show in the Geneva auto show, from the design point of view, compared to other serious baby models, Arteon has more unique style, while the elegant four-door Coupe modeling fit bmw ignition coil, So that it is very powerful once again topped the most popular title. At the same time as CC become history, Arteon future is also expected to take over FAW – Volkswagen CC in the presence of the presence in front of everyone.

Panamera models in the top models

As the top model in the current Panamera car, the new car configuration can not be left behind the existing models, including PCM with a 12.3-inch touch screen (Porsche communication management) system, air suspension, carbon ceramic brake system, Sport Chrono Sports kits and Porsche torque vector distribution system, including a number of technology configurations are equipped.

In terms of power, the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 4.0T V8 engine, an electric motor and a battery pack, with a maximum output power of 550 hp for a 4.0T V8 engine fit Nissan Exhaust Manifold and a maximum power of 136 Horsepower, battery capacity of 14.1kWh, the integrated system of integrated power is up to 680 horsepower, the drive system matching 8-speed PDK dual clutch gearbox, and standard four-wheel drive system. Driven by this powertrain, the new car’s official 0-96km / h acceleration time of 3.2 seconds, the speed reached 309km / h. Charging, the owner of the use of 120V / 10A power supply charge, you need 12 hours full; such as the use of 240V / 40A power supply ignition coil, you can only fill in less than 3 hours.
Familiar with Porsche readers should remember that the previous generation Panamera Turbo S model is also equipped with a 4.8L twin turbocharged V8 engine monster, only drink gasoline is not plugged, the maximum power “only” for 570 horsepower. And as a new generation of cars top models, a new generation of Panamera Turbo S name behind the more “E-Hybrid”, that it is “mixed up.” Although many people still scoff at the mixed and plug-in hybrid technology turbo manifold, but it turns out that the mix is already the trend. Moreover, the new generation of Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid up to 680 horsepower power output, more than 3 seconds “broken 100″ time, has also proved its strength.

The new Kay wing X3 configuration upgrade

Recently, we learned from the official Kay wing car, 2017 Kay Wing X3 is expected to be officially launched in March this year. Some of the new car models will be optimized for cash models, and the vehicle name to make adjustments.
From the table we see that, according to the configuration is different, 2017 Kay Wing X3 new ESP, 360 degree panoramic images, reversing images, navigation, 18 inch aluminum alloy wheels, skylights, a key to start + keyless access and other configurations. At the same time, the new car is also optimized for NVH.

Power, the 2017 Kay Wing X3 is equipped with a lot of Chery models appeared on the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, this engine has a maximum power of 126 horsepower, the peak torque of 160 Nm, with the match is 5-speed manual gearbox or CVT gearbox. Suspension, the new car with the installation of the stability of the former McPherson / rear double-link independent suspension structure.

2017 BYD S7 listed

Recently, BYD official announced that 2017 models S7 models officially listed, the new car in the shape and configuration have been upgraded, there are 2 models 6 models can choose. 2017 models S7 front face shape has been upgraded by a red line up and down the double layer of the new “bow” grid visual effects more innovative, the new design of the taillight LED lights, enhanced night identification, tail chrome trim The article has become more fine.
2017 models S7 is still the whole line for the 7 layout, interior with a double density luxury leather seats, in addition to a 10.1-inch control display (with CarPad Andrews multimedia system), with 4G Internet and 4G traffic package ( High with models can be presented 4G traffic package), can easily link the Internet. In addition, the new car also adds dual USB interface and storage box internal lighting, equipped with PM2.5 green net system, 360 ° panoramic image system is also easy to use the configuration. In addition, the main driving seat in addition to the original electric heating, electric adjustment and other functions, but also added ventilation, the main lumbar adjustment and other configurations.
Power, the 2017 S7 is still equipped with 1.5TI and 2.0TID two engines, including 1.5T direct injection supercharged engine maximum power 154 horsepower, peak torque 240N · m. 2.0TI direct injection supercharged engine, the maximum output power of up to 205 horsepower, the peak torque of 320N · m. Drive system 1.5T models match 6-speed manual gearbox, 2.0T models match 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.