Volkswagen Arteon notice released

Recently, the public issued a group of CC successor – Volkswagen Arteon notice, the new car will be opened on March 7, the Geneva Motor Show debut. We see that the public Arteon is different from the other models of the front face style, horizontal bar grille and LED light source connected to the light group, the visual effect makes the front face more stretch, while the new car will also be equipped with There are all LED headlamps.
Tail shape, the new car with a very smooth line outline, after the fender highlights the waist line with tail tailing duckling tail, gives a feeling very dynamic fit Benz Turbocharger. In addition, the new rear taillights using a new LED light source, it seems a bit more science fiction effect. In addition, with Arteon debut, but also includes its many leading technology configuration, such as the latest generation of driving support system.
Power, after the foreign media test drive Arteon prototype is equipped with a 2.0TSI engine. It is reported that the public ARTEON will offer two kinds of power options for different markets, the first to provide the European market models Ignition Coil Pack maximum power of 190 horsepower; to provide the US market models maximum power of 272 horsepower. In terms of transmission, the new car will match the 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox.
As the most popular public successor, Volkswagen Arteon will be the world’s first show in the Geneva auto show, from the design point of view, compared to other serious baby models, Arteon has more unique style, while the elegant four-door Coupe modeling fit bmw ignition coil, So that it is very powerful once again topped the most popular title. At the same time as CC become history, Arteon future is also expected to take over FAW – Volkswagen CC in the presence of the presence in front of everyone.

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